About me

„If something is worth doing it's worth doing well” , said Hunter S. Thompson and I would gladly subscribe to this motto, as it best describes the way I live.

I’m a professional digital artist, a painter by profession and an amateur photographer, thus I consider art as having a great influence on me.

Take it as a story, it all began twelve years ago when, having this apetite for art, I began taking 3D Animation and Modelling classes in Autodesk Maya Software while studying fine art at the Bucharest University – Bachelor of Fine Arts/Mural Restoration-Conservation.

After graduating, I started working as graphic designer in advertising industry and it was then when I started focusing my entire work and attention on digital design, 3D design, more precisely.

It was in this context when I had the chance to work with programs like Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Topogun, Alias Studio Tools, Alias Sketchbookpro, Adobe Suite (including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere), Corel Draw or Artrage.   But I focused on Maya and 3DS Max to shape my automotive concepts. For portrait paintings and characters in general are my favorites, I started using 3D Sculpting in Zbrush.   You will find many of my digital artworks on this website.